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About Us

Smoker’s Emporium is a tax free, price disruptive e-store based in Toronto with the largest selection of cannabis, vaping, and tobacco accessories at cut throat pricing. This idea is the brain child of two serial entrepreneurs who burned their graduate degrees, ditched the suits for hoodies, and waved good bye to the world of Bay Street ‘Consulting’.

Frustrated with high prices and shady sellers, we designed a business model to help shift consumer behavior by offering quality products at impeccable price points. We are deliberately optimized to be lean, fast, customer centric, and absolutely terrifying to our competition.

If you were to ask us what we value, our answer will always be form, function, and build quality; all of which are inherent in the brands we showcase and the products we carry.

Our inventory is minimal and a majority of the products we carry are shipped to us on a just in time basis. By not tying up real estate or significant sums of capital, we can continue to offer the most competitive pricing you'll ever see.