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Smelly Proof Bags - Smoker's Emporium
Smelly Proof Bags - Smoker's Emporium

Smelly Proof Bags

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Smelly Proof Bags

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Smell and Odor Proof Bags

Product Overview

Alright! Check it - we love herb, just as much as you do. But let's be real, Mary J has a certain odor that's strong enough to knock us off our feet. If you're lookin for a cost effective way to safely (and discreetly) store your goods, look no further.

These bags are like tanks made by f****** Sorcerer's and Leprechaun's. We got medical grade FDA Approved materials harnessed by people who spent way more years in school than we did, jammed into a light weight bag that absolutely locks in the most pungent of odors. Just think of all the money you'll save not buying air freshener or candles! Ha, take that Home Sense! 


  • 10 pack unit ships FREE anywhere in Canada.
  • 100 pack unit ships FREE as well!