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Element E-Liquid Salt Nic

Premium Fruit Flavored Nicotine Salt

If Walter White was in a chemistry lab making nic salts instead of meth, this would be his brand! Element E-Liquids is known for their creative emulsion technique that combines several flavors into unique vaping experiences. Essentially they take two of their flavors and combine them to create bigger and badder flavors. It’s just good vaping chemistry.

The best part is that no beakers or bunsen burners are required on your part. Have no fear though, they’ve done all the experimentation for you, so you can vape with confidence knowing that the flavors coming from your setup will meet your expectations. Element e juice is not a hypothesis, it’s proven scientific fact that you can enjoy.

Only available in: 65% VG 35% PG


Far Grape Vape (Salt)Full-bodied juicy medley of Concord, Ruby and Red Globe grapes. A palate-pleasing union of bright and fragrant grapes coming together for a delicious vape certain to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Far Neon Green (Salt): A one of a kind mouthwatering and invigorating bright lime blend. An incredible combination of intense neon green lime over endless slush ice. 

Far Rocket Punch (Salt): A boldly sweet burst of rainbow candy certain to shower your palate in juicy flavors. Truly intoxicating, Rocket Punch is a vibrant e-juice sensation coupling sweet and colorful fruit that comes alive with every vape.

Fresh Squeeze (Salt): Vape the taste of fresh squeezed oranges in this sweet and tangy citrus blend.

Key Lime Crumbs (Salt): An amazing rendition of that signature sweet Florida Key Lime flavor.

Pink Lemonade + Pink Grapefruit (Salt): A revitalizing stir of our world-renowned Pink Lemonade and our refreshing newcomer Pink Grapefruit.

Pink Lemonade (Salt):  A refreshing lemonade blended to perfection with delectable red fruit for a sweetness that’s deliciously smooth.

Watermelon Chill (Salt): Where refreshing watermelon meets the coolness of mint


Every product we carry is as unique as our customers. If you're looking for something that fits your lifestyle, the Element E-Liquid Salt is for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 11, 2020